How to Break Free from Monotony and Launch a Digital, Limitless, Work-from-Anywhere Business

Ally Archer

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Summary of Infinite Entrepreneur

Do you want to create a thriving digital business that allows you to travel and work anywhere you want to?

How would it feel to book a flight to your dream destination at any time – because you are your own boss (and your business brings in the money to pay for it)?

Ally Archer knows what it feels like to have incurable wanderlust (also known as “the travel bug”). After leaving her 9-5 job, she was ready to do anything to make her travel dreams a reality. She found a way to hack the system by asking herself: “Instead of saving up to travel for two weeks per year, how can I find a way to make money while I travel throughout the year?” This led her to start a simple online freelance business that grew significantly over time. From Tuscany to Thailand, Archer has brought her business with her, working from a laptop in the morning and exploring new cultures in the afternoon.

Infinite Entrepreneur simplifies the process to start and grow a freelance business so you can ditch the 9-5 grind – for good. Each chapter guides you step-by-step to help you determine the best service to offer (even if you’re new to business!), how to find and work with clients on a regular basis, how to transition to full-time entrepreneurship, tips for travel planning as a digital nomad, and more.

Archer breaks down these essential business steps in Infinite Entrepreneur, using stories from her personal travels to drive home the point that yes, you too can run a successful business from anywhere in the world.

Written by Ally Archer:

Full-Time Digital Nomad and Entrepreneur

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