Passport Pursuits

Passport Pursuits: Free Masterclass

"How I Created a Digital Nomad Lifestyle"

I’m sharing my exact strategy on how I land high-paying marketing clients while traveling the world. Yes, I live the “laptop lifestyle,” and in this masterclass we'll focus on my favorite skill, Pinterest. (That's right, I said Pinterest)!


In This FREE Masterclass, You Will Learn:

1) How to offer high value, earn high value, and most importantly, scale your TIME with your first (or next) freelance client!

Do creative stuff you love. Travel the world. Rinse and repeat.

2) A deep dive on how I’ve used my favorite platform - Pinterest! - to land high-ticket clients running this powerhouse platform for them. 

Whether you already use Pinterest or not, you don’t want to skip this! Why? Being able to offer high-level Pinterest strategy will help you stand out amongst the sea of other marketers, and like any skill, you can LEARN how to do it.

3) A mini mindset training that can help you shift the whole “trading-time-for-money” attitude. 

If you’ve already read "The 4-Hour Work Week" yet still find yourself pulling 40+ hour weeks, then this most definitely is for you. 

This is not your average "Pinterest training"

I've never seen anyone teach this strategy in this specific way, or at least not how I do it.

Pinterest isn't just recipes & DIYs. Pinterest can be a top marketing platform for businesses if used strategically, and now is the time more than ever to understand this powerful tool so you can land your first - or next - client.  

Simply pop in your email using the button below to get instant access to free masterclass. 

It's just one hour long, which is less than what it usually takes to get through security at the New York JFK airport ;) #AmIRight

PS: I probably won’t keep this masterclass up (and free) for long, so please be sure to set aside some time to watch it!


Ally is a full-time travel blogger & freelancer, living the "digital nomad" life while seeing the world.

I'm passionate about helping others travel more and create their most positive lives.  

Traveling quickly became a passion when I first went overseas to study abroad in Europe in college. Since then, I've found unique ways to work while traveling to fund my adventures to 25+ countries across 5 continents. For the past 2.5 years I've worked fully online while traveling the world.

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